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Traffic signs are, besides the litter, among the more common objects along the road side. We see them, yet don't look at them.

Shame, because many signs are worth a closer look.

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Traffic signs through the eye of Monsieur Jean (occupation: hairdresser)
Statistics on rock signs
The bouldercount varies from 2 to 45 !
It's easy to start your own collection.
Learn about benefits and pitfalls of road sign collecting.
A smart road worker adheres to Bartolomeo's Best Practices (the BBP-sheet).

The table below names all countries from where we have roadsign pictures on line.
The icons next to the names indicate which of the three kinds are shown — Men at Work signs — Children's crossing signs — Falling Rocks signs. Click on the icons to see our samples.

Alaska M K
Albania M K R
Andorra M K R
Anguilla K
Antigua & Barbuda K
Argentina M K R
Armenia M K R
Ascension Island M K
Australia M K R
Austria M K R
Azerbaijan M K R
Azores M K R
Bahrain M
Balearic Islands M K R
Saint Barthélemy M K R
Belgium M K R
Belarus M K
Belize K
Bermuda M K
Bhutan K R
Bolivia K R
Bonaire K
Bosnia-Herzegovina M K
Botswana M K
Brazil M K
Bulgaria M K R
Burma (Myanmar) M K R
Cambodia M K
Canada M K R
Canary Islands M K R
Cape Verde Islands M K R
Channel Islands M K R
Chile M K R
China M K R
Colombia M K
Corsica M R
Costa Rica M K R
Crete M K R
Croatia M K R
Cuba M K R
Curaçao M K
Cyprus (Republic) M K R
Cyprus (Turkish) K
Czech Republic M K R
Denmark M K R
Dominican republic M K
Easter Island K
Ecuador M K R
Egypt M K
Estonia M K R
Ethiopia M K R
St. Eustatius K
Faeroe Islands M K R
Falklands K
Fiji M K
Finland M K R
France M K R
French Polynesia R
Galápagos K
Gambia M K
Georgia M K R
Germany M K R
Ghana M K
Great Britain M K R
Greece M K R
Guatemala M K R
Hawaii M K R
Saint Helena M K R
Hong kong M K R
Hungary M K R
Iceland M K R
India M K R
Indonesia M K R
Iran M K R
Ireland M K R
Israel K
Italy M K R
Jamaica M K
Japan M K R
Jordan M K R
Kazakhstan M K R
Kenia K R
South Korea M K
Kosovo K
Kyrgyzstan M K R
Laos M K R
Latvia M K R
Lebanon M K
Libya M
Liechtenstein M
Lithuania M K
Saint Lucia K
Luxembourg M K R
St Maarten M K
Macau M K
Macedonia M K R
Madagascar M K R
Madeira M K R
Malawi K R
Malaysia M K R
Mali M K
Malta M K
San Marino M
St Martin M K R
Martinique M K
Mauritius M K R
Mexico M K R
Moldova M
Mongolia M K R
Morocco M K R
Namibia M K R
Nepal K R
The Netherlands M K R
New Caledonia M K K
New Zealand M K R
Nicaragua M
Nigeria K
Norway M K R
Oman M K R
Pakistan K R
Panama M K
Peru M K R
Philippines M K R
St Pierre & Miquelon M K
Poland M K R
Portugal M K R
Qatar M K
Réunion M
Romania M K R
Russia M K R
Rwanda M K R
Saba R
Samoa M K
Sardinia M K R
Senegal K
Serbia M K R
Seychelles M K
Sicily M K R
Singapore M K
Slovakia M K R
Slovenia M K R
South Africa M K R
South Georgia R
Spain M K R
Spitsbergen M K
Sri Lanka M K R
Sweden M K R
Switzerland M K R
Syria M K
Taiwan M K R
Tajikistan M K R
Tanzania M K R
Tasmania M K R
Thailand M K R
Trinidad & Tobago M K R
Tristan da Cunha M K
Tunesia M K R
Turkey M K R
Turkmenistan K
Uganda M K
Ukraine M K R
United Arab Emirates M K
United States of A. M K R
Uruguay K
Uzbekistan M K R
Venezuela K
Vietnam M K R
Western Sahara M K
Zanzibar K
Zimbabwe M K R

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