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Falling Rock Signs from Italy

Toscany, 1998; pict. M. De Dier
Toscany, VI.2006; pict. H. De Meyer

The modern sign on mainland Italy, Sardinia and Sicily is as dull as a sign can be. This find, however, is nevertheless most interesting for the more educated visitor.

Caduta Massi
is a famous actress in Martin Amis' novel Money.

'_ Yes?'
'John Self? It's Caduta Massi'
'At last', I said. 'Caduta, it's an honour.'
'John, it's good to talk to you. But before we
    meet I want to sort some things out.'
'Like what, Caduta?'
'For instance, how many children do you think
    I should have?'

(Money - a suicide note, Martin Amis)

Pozzuoli, 14.IV.2014; pict. H. De Meyer

This very same design was found in Denmark and its Faroe Islands.
Vesuvius, 15.IV.2014; pict. H. De Meyer

This very nice wooden sign features a design that is nowhere else to be found.

Vesuvius, 24.IV.2014;
pict. A. Guët
A sign found along the same road as the previous one. The sign was spotted from the bus on the way up to the Vesuvius and our man asked the driver to stop on the way back to Ercolano.

Notice that this is not the regular Italian Falling Rock Sign with hexagonal boulders. On this fine specimen, the boulders are round ! Our people in the field have a very sharp eye, indeed.

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