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Children's Crossing Signs found in Italy

Toscany, IV.1996; pict. H. De Meyer

Italy is worth a visit for its art treasures, but some of the roadsigns certainly méritent le détour as well. Take this good old classic roadsign and look at the hair­band of the girl. The hair gravitates to the earth: an exceptional work of an observant artist.
Rome, VIII.2005; pict. M. Tailly

Maybe the same artist had also a hand in the nice poney in Madagascar, Latvia or in the headscarf in Oman. The drawing on our more recent finds is less precise than before, as the children lost their face.

Toscany, IV.1996; pict. H. De Meyer

The modern roadsign is identical to the Spanish panel for the 21st century found in Olagüe. It is a design which is spreading fast around the Mediterranean Sea.

You will find more about this pitty evolution in Malta. European traffic sign collecting will soon be dead, unless we can stop this.

Toscany, IV.1996; pict. H. De Meyer

One of my readers explained this find:
The sign in question isn't technically a road sign. It actually designates a school bus (pretty rare in Italy) when affixed to a vehicle, or a school bus stop when on a pole. (AHL)
The tasteless modern roadsign stood model, but one small improvement was made. There is now an indication of the waist.

Rome, 09.XI.2019; pict. H. De Meyer
Artwork found at the Scuola Popolare di Musica clearly based on the old-fashioned Children's Crossing roadsign.

A display based on the Men at Work Sign was reported from Basel (Switzerland) near the railway station.

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