Men at Work in Morocco

Moulay Idris, 28.IX.2010; pict. L. Parmentier
A good old nice French immigrant. All roadsigns in Morocco come from France in fact. But of all the nice French people on the road the worst design is most widespread and this worker is the exception.

The drawing on some of the recent finds is even worse than in France: the poor guy here may suffer from a bad arm and a distorted shoulder. But he got some more elbow-room than his French colleague. That's at least something.

The Mediterranean worker (explained in Slovenia) is now also found in Morocco.

IV.2002; pict. S. Vanacker IV.2006,Todra canyon - Tinerghir;
pict. M. Tailly
Marrakech, 9.X.2010; pict. L. Parmentier
Distorted shoulder and arm Mediterranean worker
The keen road-sign-spotter (Is that you?) will notice something peculiar with the heap. Something not present in the French version.
The innocent digger is in for a nasty surprise. Because. Well, ... because I think someone is buried in the sand! Considering the nose, it could even be Cleopatra, don't you think? Was she ever found?
This uncomfortable find is not the only case of misbehaviour, even crime, we witness on common road signs. I'll give some more examples but sensitive people should not look them up.
The case of the
+ dagger on the Azores.
+ girl swept away by the giant in Nepal.
+ intolerable boy in Czechia
IV.2006, Fes; pict. M. Tailly
A keen eye and an open mind, that's our people on the road. That's when they excel. In finding what we are not looking for. How good it is to have a short energizing break. It happens elsewhere also. We have some nice pictures from Switzerland.
Sidi Ifni, 28.III.2010; pict. J. Breine

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