Men at Work
at the Azores

Furnas; IV.1998
all pictures S. Visser
Ponta del Gada, Saõ Miguel; XII.2000 Lagoa, Saõ Miguel; XII.2000 Feteiras; IV.1998
The Azores are extremely rich in men-at-work-signs. The isles are probably the most active center of speciation, more than Alençon in France.
When I emptied the mailbox (a real snail-mailbox: snails rasped some letters away when I was abroad.) I felt the same helplessness as with the South-African rock-signs. They all look different. Compare heaps (number, shape, size), posture, bottom-line (present, absent), spade.
  Still, it is possible to lump them together in three groups:
+ squat people; one heap (top row)
+ slender persons; two heaps (middle)
+ novelty panels (bottom row)

The first group seems most specific. The other groups show Portuguese influence.

Lagoa, Saõ Miguel; XII.2000 Lagoa, Saõ Miguel; XII.2000 Lagoa, Saõ Miguel; XII.2000
It is probably only a matter of time before the diversity on the Azores succumbs to the emptiness of the continental sign: the new worker popping up everywhere in Spain, Portugal and Italy.
Furnas, IV.1998 Várzea, IV.1998 Ribera Grande, Saõ Miguel; XII.2000

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