Men at Work in Ireland

Kilkee, IX.1999; pict. A. Anselin Connemara, VIII.2000; pict. M. Chartier
Irish worker-signs belong to the new-world group of signs. Old-world (European) signs are triangular, new-world signs are diamond shaped. Could that be a statement towards the UK? The Irish children tell us more.

Knowing that children always face the traffic and that men always work with their back to the traffic (see Great Britain), then it is clear that the Irish signs emit confusing information:
° The children-signs say left-hand driving.
° The men-signs tell us: right-hand.

It is remarkable how both panels capture a different moment from the action.
Observe which leg the man leans on. The first image shows him shovelling. The man on the second picture is already carrying his load away.

One final observation: the drawing is very close to the road worker from Chile! (The) other countries with similar men are Argentina, Mexico and Peru (both with sombrero).

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