Falling rocks in Serbia

Majdanpek regio, 15.VI.2007; pict. De Knijf & Demolder Zlatibor, 08.VII.2009; pict. J. Koelstra
Originally Falling Rock signs and Children's Crossings came from the same supplier —probably local produce. We recognize the same good old fashioned drawing with attention to detail. Today new designs are hitting the road and because Quality is important, but cheapest wins they are unattractive to say the least.

The shape and the positions of the stones relative to each other are unique. Both constellations are only found in Serbia.

Endemics —that's how they are called— make it possible to determine one's position unequivocally. The page about Finland f.e. features a small excerp from our TGGP (†). I do agree that GPS would deliver better precision, but our system mitigates the risk of robbery and works without batteries.

† TGGP = Team Guide for Global Positioning

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