Children's crossing in Iran

Osku, 12.IX.1999
all 1999 pict. De Knijf & Demolder
Kashan, 20.IX.1999 Ramsar, 05.IX.1999
I must watch my words. I'm not sure that the country where I live would show as much care for me as was Mr. Rushdie's part. But let's go ahead.

Many Iranian signs belong to the UK-family: the girl is bigger and guides the boy.

More UK-family countries: Iceland, Finland, Southern Africa.

  It came as a complete surprise to me. Iran hides women below loads of textile. They are unpeople on the street. And yet a common roadsign broadcasts a contradictory message showing girls with skirts above the knee.

Monsieur Jean radiates pride. He sees an analogy to his theory about feminism. Changes are imminent in Iran because this roadsign quietly erodes the revolutionary evangel.

The Year 2000 visit yielded several new signs showing a strong influence from several other countries.

Shiraz -> Pasargadae
XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer
XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer
Western Iran
XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer
Although this sign shows much more detail it is close to a sign from Austria and Portugal. The typical mediterranean sign. The same as a sign from Germany. Two un-people.
XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer
XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer
Both are close to a sign from Italy. There is a small difference in the hair-dress of the girl.

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