Children crossing in Germany

  Well, well, I already thought nothing could surprise me anymore.
And now this; in Germany.
She brings the boy. And she knows what she is doing. Life is no children's play. Similar road signs on the southern hemisphere (South-Africa, Namibia) show happier, playing children.

This panel contradicts the theory of Monsieur Jean about emancipation. It is only after it dawned upon him as only an exception, that he could be happy with the nice Prussian cross in the hair of the girl. After all, he still is a hairdresser.

Aachen, Cottbus (1998);
pict. A. Anselin
  Germany follows France, Spain and Italy in the swap-method for the newer panels. The tall character stays responsible, but changes position and sex with his subject.

This is one of the better modern match-stick signs: the children are not completely wooden. Because they are from Cottbus they challenge you to try this one: "Der Cottbuser Postkutscher
putzt den Cottbuser Postkutschkasten."

Cottbus (1998);
pict. A. Anselin

The latest mission in Germany got results, excellent results. The Bernkastel-sign proves how good old roadsigns were; how much detail they showed. Enjoy the perfect finish of the heads. For once, the boy is very lively depicted. We must feel pitty for the girl with her extraterrestrial head, but note the detail in the poney. Compare this with the younger sign from Cottbus: no match-stick yet, but already on the way down.
Near Bernkastel (1998); pict. A. Guët Aachen, Cottbus (1998); pict. A. Anselin

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