Men at Work in Iran

Ispahan, XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer Hamadan, XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer Yazd, XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer
Well, that's it. Iran features a complete set of signs belonging to the UK-family. Rocks and Children are identical and that's true for men at work as well. The center picture shows the type-specimen. Iran did develop several variations on the theme. Compare f.e. the shape and surface of the heap and the place where the worker plants his spade.
Shiraz, XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer Urumiye (West-Iran) September 1999; pict. G. De Knijf & H. Demolder
It looks like the design of the newer signs shifts away from the root. The disgusting match-stick version shows resemblance with his colleagues from Germany and the Netherlands

The Urumiye sign features a second heap.

The Urumiye-man fits even better the UK saying ... it looks like a man trying to put up an umbrella ... than the original. But here he is acting probably more against the dust than the rain.

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