Rocks in Iran

Shiraz -> Kernan, XI.2000
pict. H. De Meyer
Rocksign from the UK
The most common rock-sign (left picture) is unmistakenly inspired by the UK-kind. The same holds true for the Children's signs.
Shiraz, XI.2000;
pict. H. De Meyer
The second rock-sign (right) is an original creation showing several rare features:
+ four boulders rest on the ground.
Most signs show only boulders in the air. (Other country with the same feature: France)
+ the drawing shows where the danger originates.
On most signs you can only guess where the rocks come from. It's clearly shown here. (Other countries with the same feature: Pakistan, Turkey)
+ speed suggesting strokes (but they shouldn't precede the rocks) (Other countries with the same feature: Pakistan, Chile)
Iran is in the good company of the USA, Indonesia, South-Africa and Belgium all having rock-signs upside down. I used to ask myself how absent-minded one has to be not to see this during installation. But the Hamadan-panel (right) reveals how somebody drilled new holes to install the sign turned on its side. This can only mean that the roadsign is mounted that way by purpose ! (Learn why in Armenia.)
Masulé, 09.IX.1999
pict. De Knijf & Demolder
Hamadan, XI.2000; pict. H. De Meyer

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