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Falling Rock Signs in Great Britain

Salisbury, 1996
Falling Rock signs from Great Britain are easily recognized: three pebbles, one huge boulder, then three rocks more and at the bottom an impressive giant. This constellation is found in several parts of the world, some­times with slight variations (e.g. Iran, South Africa, Oman). In team language this group of related designs is known as the UK-group.

Containing also Children's and Men-at-Work roadsigns the distribution of the group reflects more or less Great Britain's (former) influence in the world. However, the falling rocks signs are the weakest indicator. Some dependencies like South Georgia plant entirely unrelated designs and so do countries like India.

Arran, VI.2007; pict. J. Koelstra

According to the Scottish First Minister Scotland will be independent from the United Kingdom before the year 2018. In anticipation of the event local roadsign planting services are prudently seeding their own design.
Some play it more safely than others. In Arran a daring new drawing with only two stones was chosen. The people on Oban simply took the UK-standard and rotated it 60 degrees. If matters turn bad that leaves them the escape that it was an unfortunate mistake.

Other countries with two boulders: Belgium, Jordan.

Other countries with wrongly mounted roadsigns: Armenia, U.S. of A., Indonesia and more.

Oban, VI.2007; pict. J. Koelstra
Inchnadamph Bone Caves,
14.VII.2012; pict. J. Van Uytvanck
Our latest find features the official British design with a twist: mirrored and carved in stone. Probably meant to stay even after 2018!
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