Falling Rocks on South Georgia

Grytviken South Georgia; 31.XII.1999
King Edward Point in the background
Same spot; 03.III.2006
year 2000 - Many might consider Ushuaia (Argentina) being The end of the world. A Spotting Team of four determined members went beyond Tierra del Fuego in search of ever more roadsigns. No sea was too high and the reward is this exceptional sign from the old whaling station Grytviken.

South Georgia is a dependency of Great Britain (well it depends on who you ask) and one would expect similar roadsigns. This may be true for the Falklands, but not here. There is absolutely no similarity. The protective wall on top of the cliff is unique.

  year 2006 - No hardship is hard enough to keep a thoroughbred collector from his hobby. Thus back we went, to the Antarctic checking out some islands for roadsigns. Nothing at Saunders Island, I can tell you. On Bouvet a hut was built but nobody considered a falling rock sign necessary although there is quite some shuffling happening.

The landing at Grytviken brought a great shock. The wonderful roadsign was rudely removed from its post. Three cheerless corners was all what's left. Going back to a beloved spot is never good for one's peace of mind.

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