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Children's crossing signs on Ascension Island

Georgetown, 23.iv.2018

Georgetown, 26.vii.2003
No spot on the globe is considered too remote for members of our world-wide sign spotting team. Saint Helena, Las Malvinas or South Georgia, we've been there to acquire new knowledge. But never first we were. Always one of Her Majesty's Officers was there earlier imposing Britannia's rule. It's therefore hardly a surprise that the children's signs belong to the UK-group where the girl drags the boy.

A good observer will instantly notice that the design is the pure breed of the main­land, but first time visitors will probably appreciate a hint. The differentiating feature is that she mischievously plants her foot were she shouldn't. A short comparison with other countries in the UK-group is given in Egypt.

The speed limit is at the high end of the scale, even if the indication is in kilometers. Children on Ascension only survive if they are fast enough. (A short table with more speed limits is shown in Australia.)

Georgetown, 23.iv.2018
I do agree, it is not a Children's Crossing Sign, but it is related and I have the last word.

We have documented signs of adults with a child in several countries (e.g. Hungary, Czech Republic, Israel).

It is remarkable how often on signs like this the adult person is male. Wishful thinking of a female designer?

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