Children in Hungary

  Hungary 1997: Modern man spends quality-time with his children.
This is the one of the very few such signs in the collection. Jump to Israel for another man with daughter. From there it's only a small step to Belize where a woman accompanies two children.
The second panel shows children learning to be independent. They hold hands. This is rather unusual on older panels where the boy tries to mask his shaky self with a firm grab on the elbow of the girl.

Brazil, Belgium and Italy are worth a visit to deepen your knowledge on this phenomenon. Observe the modern way of doing in Italy, Spain and France.

VIII.1997; pict. F. Van Espen
  This 1998 find is remarkable:
° The girl took the lead (but both persons kept their positions)
° Nobody carries a book-bag
° The boy changed his shorts for long trousers
A mirrored sign from Budapest

Notice the strange shape of the heads. Find similarly distorted heads in Costa Rica and Indonesia

VII.1998; pict. T. Defoort III.1999; pict. A. Anselin

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