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Children's crossing in South-Africa

Many places (1994) Everywhere (1997)
South-Africa is in several aspects an interesting country.
The first point (the girl controls the boy) is already discussed on the Namibian page.
There is another, not less striking, point when we compare the old with the new sign. Sure, the new warning sign is lifeless, but don't miss the fact that the girl keeps her habit of dragging the boy. I would expect both children to change positions because that is what happens in all countries with the introduction of a new sign (f.e. Spain, Italy, Iceland).
This swap didn't happen in South-Africa. Thus, to come in line, the South-african girl should not pull the boy but give him a good push.
  Take France for example. On old panels there, the boy is behind the girl and keeps her on the pavement. Both change position on new signs: now he guides her onto the road.

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