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Children's Crossing Signs in Iceland

All pictures: H. De Meyer, VII.1999
We are looking at happy island-youth playful and unaware of the dangers of drifting pumice (Men at work).
This scene brings a clear message: School is fun. The children are full of joy.

And there is more. It is the only sign with the girl looking back. This behaviour reveals that they care for each other. We can see them as grown-ups in Sweden.

Children from Iceland do belong to the UK-family of roadsigns. Great Britain, Iran, Finland and countries in Southern-Africa are members of the same group. Common features are: the girl is bigger than the boy and she is in control. The hierarchy is left unaffected by the person-swop in modern signs. Notice however that after the swop, the boy escapes the hands of his watchguard.
The lovely sign at the head of this page is overruled by the faceless make of the UK-family. Diversity is going down once again. We will probably end up with only two or three different signs appearing all over the world : a UK-sign, a US-sign and a French (?) sign. Very sad thing for collectors.

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