Rocks in Iceland

pict. H. De Meyer, VII.1999
With three and five boulders Iceland stays on the lower side of the range. (See statistics)
With irregular shaped stones and more stones in the air than on the ground everything seems pretty normal. Only, ... there is something weird with the 3-stone signs.
Study the trajectory of the 5-stones. Seems okay.
Not so with the 3-stones: the bottom stone is far too far away from the cliff. Could it be pumice-stone drifted away by an icy gale? Boulders carried away by the winds; men wearing helmets. It all fits!
VII.2000; pict. Fumio Tsukida Arnarstapi, V.2001; pict. S. Visser
Visit Norway for a discussion of this sign.

The same drawing was also found on Faeroe.

In my opinion - once again - stones floating in the wind. But apart from that a very good design radiating real menace.
I see it before my eyes: one of the old gods sitting on the cliff-top and throwing a handful of boulders.

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