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Men at work in Hungary

Nyíregyháza, IV.2001; pict. A. Anselin

In some rural areas in Hungary it's still possible to discover some decent old signs adapted to the local situation. A good realistic drawing adapted to a rural environment : the heap is a hay-stack!

Budapest, III.1999; pict. A. Anselin

But the situation is rapidly deteriorating. The most common sign features a worker probably with a wooden leg. We can still discern hands, feet and a more or less convincing heap but the drawing is only marginaly better than the inferior design from Romania.

Romanian worker

Budapest, III.2004; pict. H. De Meyer

Our latest find proves that Hungary is on the wrong way alltogether. Match-stick people pop up everywhere. It's the design of Germany where with the uttermost care the last microscopic frivolity was removed.

German heap

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