Falling Rocks in Taiwan

  I must share a quote of Darrens' accompanying letter with you. It shows the devotion of people on the field to our project.
... the most terrifying trip of my life. A mad bus driver decided to make a 3 hour drive into an hour drive. Nearly 3 times the speed limit, wet roads, lost control twice, overtook over crests, around bends and through avalance shelters. Sorry this picture is not terribly good quality, I didn't get time to turn the flash off. ...
Life's hanging by a thread and he still shows the presence of mind to operate the camera. But there is room for improvement. Switching the flash off for instance.

Our small sample proves that at least some of the rock warnings from Taiwan are European from design. A sign from Portugal was mirrored. In this way it suggests that Taiwan drives on the left side of the road. Perhaps people would love to, but - as our man on the field noticed - they don't : right is their side.

Central Western Taiwan, VIII.2002; pict. D. Hodges  

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