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Men at Work Signs found in Taiwan

Chia-yi, ix.2003;
pict. D. Hodges

Oddly enough, men at work signs in Taiwan feature the shape and colour choice of the U.S.A. type warning signs whereas most other signs are of the European kind.

Men at Work signs are wrongly suggesting that Taiwan is an island where people drive at the left side of the road (men work always looking away from the traffic, see Great Britain). The Children's Crossing Signs however, are from the right hand type (as expected).

Good point is that the digger is wearing an indigenous head-cap. From the many small differences between both samples, make sure that you notice the position of the spade relative to the heap.

Hsinchu, 16.ix.2003;
pict. D. Hodges
Fenggang, 02.iii.2020;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
Between the first and the latest visit of team members to the island, guidelines for the recommended protective headgear must have changed. Men at Work are now equiped with a helmet with rounded top. Someone must have realized that an object falling on a helmet with a point at the top could get stuck and actually pose a greater risk to the worker. A round top avoids such a risk.

Notice also the weird shape of the heap in the Taipei sign.

Taipei, 22.ii.2020;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
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