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Falling Rock Signs in Portugal

Sesimbra, IV.1999; pict. A. Guët Lisboa, 1997; pict. A. Guët
Let's start with some panels made by an artist knowing how to put a personal touch. This is exactly the kind of sign I had in mind when I wrote that Roadsigns can bring you the happiest hours in your life. (see Suggestions)

Take a look at the boulder on the ground. This one is ready for the impact of his fellows and has metamorphosed to form a cushion. Or is it a medusa preparing to gobble down a juicy bit? —only Spain (sign found in Pont de Suert) features a similar defor­mation. Wait, is that a pipe-bowl? An aristocrat's bust?

Notice the motion-stripes. Though we have seen them in France, Norway, Turkey and Pakistan, they aren't very common.

The other roadsigns brought back from Portugal aren't exactly inspiring. The constellation of Portinho d'Arrabida (two triplets) is not convincing and the bottom trio is a shameless mirror of the Sagres triplet which was copied from Germany. The trend is undeniable. Portugal is under strong foreign influence.

Lisboa, 1997; pict. A. Guët Lisboa, 1997; pict. A. Guët

Portinho d'Arrabida, 10.VIII.2011; pict. A. Guët

Lisboa, 1997; pict. A. Guët Traffic sign in politics? It happens in Lisboa. This sign is placed near an old house. A. Guët wrote me:
'There is a local movement to save the building, and posters to criticize the town hall people who think they protect citizens by putting a sign like this.'
From a collector's viewpoint it's much better to place a warning sign, than to tackle the problem. Sorry for the people, but in this case I am on the side of the politicians. They are often at their best when doing nothing.

Lisboa, 2003; pict. Coghe & Coghe Iceland Lisboa, 2003; pict. Coghe & Coghe
The rocks are like carried away by a strong air current: an occurrence also reported from Iceland. We have a twin sign from that country: number and shape of the boulders, even the face of the cliff is identical. A most interesting sign with stones jumping like mountain goats.

Portagem, IV.2005; pict. B. Hoeyberghs Spain Sagres, 13.III.2010; pict. N. Breine
And another roadsign probably influenced by another country. Notice the similarities with a sign found in Spain (Plan, 1995). The background of this warning sign is a lifelike reproduction of the German four-boulder sign.

Serra da Estrela (1991) Peneda Gerês (1991) Foz do Arelho (1997)

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