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Men at Work in Greece

This roadsign and very similar ones are found at several places in Western-Europe. Many of these finds prove a disturbing lack of training of the people working in a hostile environment.

Workers is many countries tend to take far too much sand on their spade. The shaft bends under the load (e.g below Italy). They also place their hands too close to the end of the shaft making it much harder to carry the load. They clearly never saw Bartolomeo's Safety Sheet

People in other countries lack the space to work safely. One of the heaps is so near that they are forced to step into it (e.g. Canary Islands).

Very few countries do not cut in the education of their workforce (e.g. Denmark, Bahrain).

Thassaloniki, V.2008; pict. H. De Meyer
Canary Islands
Thessaloniki, V.2008;
pict. H. De Meyer
Rhodes, Eleousa; 1997 Bahrain

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