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Men at Work Signs found in Denmark

Horsens, 2.IX.2011; pict. Coronas

Horsens, 2.IX.2011; pict. Coronas
Copenhagen, V.1997

Can You guess which Men at Work sign is most wide­spread in Denmark?

Repeat visitors of this site know that it is the one at the top of the page. Yes, the modern man, with a round and empty head, who has lost the ability to handle a spade properly.

It is a sad fact that the older designs are almost impossible to find. The older panels were proof of a craftmanship all but lost in our days of clicks and likes without any commitment.

The older designs are excellent work. They show much detail. This is a real person with his sleeves rolled up —he reminds me of the Man from Ara in Spain.

The tool in use can be recognized: a shovel or a spade and drawn with the perspective right. Notice also the difference in posture.

Both men are provided with safety gear: Denmark is one of the very few countries with workers having a hard hat on the head. The country clearly knows about Bartolomeo's Safety Sheet as do few other countries: e.g. Belgium and Peru.

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