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Falling Rock Signs in Albania

Shkodë, 12.VII.2009; pict. J. Koelstra
Striking how all the stones are exactly the same.

We know from Monsieur Jean's essay that the children's cros­sing road­sign is often used to plant a message in our (children's) uncon­scious mind (e.g. Cambodia). I won­der if this is also the case here. The message would then be that no one should stand out and it could have come straight from the desk of Hoxha.

Kutal, Gjirokastër, 3.VII.2012;
pict. J. Koelstra
Hotolisht, 25.V.2012;
pict. C. Veillon
Agripa e Keqë, Shkodër, 19.VI.2012;
pict. J. Koelstra

A wrongly mounted sign. It happens rather regularly (e.g. Belgium, U.S.A., Iran and more) with Falling Rock Signs but never with Men at Work or Children's Crossing Signs.

The boulders are round, numerous and come down in rows (parading?).

Sign from Italy
Newer roadsigns suggest that Albania has lost its identity. In two steps. In the first step the design is only inspired by the Italian drawing: the face of the wall is different and the stones are round instead of polygons. From here it's only a small and inevitable step towards Italian produce.
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