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Men at Work Signs in Azerbaijan

road to Gandzasar (Karabakh), 10.VII.2006; pict. A. Anselin
In spite of the difficult political situation roadsigns of the Karabakh region are able to preserve their own identity. Men at Work and Falling Rock Signs are local produce. Only the children seem to give in under the pressure and are very close to the Armenian kind.

There is much more detail than in signs from Armenia. Both hands are shown; the feet also; the man is doing hard work. The heap has a different shape with a slightly undulating sur­fa­ce. This brings Ara, Spain to the mind.

Gobustan, 28.VIII.2016; pict. J. Koelstra
This guy is a member of the U.K.-Group of Workers (see Great Britain). There are two main subgroups. The type found in Great Britain: he wears wellingtons and pushes his spade so deep into the heap that the blade disap­pears. The other variation is found in South-Africa: no wellingtons and the blade is visible. The drawing at hand has features of both: no wellingtons and no blade.

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