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Men at Work Signs found in Azerbaijan

Besh Barmag, xi.2022; pict. L. Muslim

Besh Barmag, xi.2022; pict. L. Muslim

A design widespread in Russia and neighboring countries, e.g. Lituania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan.
Besh Barmag, xi.2022; pict. L. Muslim

He has very familiar looks, but in reality he is rarely seen. The one, and only, similar worker is reported from Cyprus.
Gobustan, 28.viii.2016; pict. J. Koelstra

This guy is a member of the U.K.-Group of Workers (see Great Britain). There are two main subgroups:
● Great Britain: wearing wellingtons and pushing his spade so deep into the heap that the blade disap­pears.
● South-Africa: no wellingtons and the blade is visible.

The drawing at hand has features of both: no wellingtons and no blade.

road to Gandzasar (Karabakh), 10.vii.2006; pict. A. Anselin
Notice the detail: both hands are shown; the feet also; the man is doing hard work. The heap has a slightly undulating sur­fa­ce.

This was our first find in Azerbaijan and we never saw the man again, alas. Here, too, the worker's own identity is quickly lost. It's a worldwide problem.

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