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Falling Rocks Signs in Mauritius

pict. S. Anquetil Chamarel, XI.2001;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
Chamarel, XI.2001;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
Souillac, XI.2001;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
The first two counting from left show how islands sometimes breed their own species. Is it an evolution from a other type from elsewhere? I can't distinguish a probable root nor any foreign influence. The design is refreshingly simple and nice because of the many boulders in different shapes. It reminds me of a primitive design from Peneda Gerês - Portugal where we recognise a simple cliff and a similar sequence of growing boulders.
The third find looks more familiar, but nevertheless is an endemic.
The same holds true for the last one featuring the same smooth Mauritian cliff with a boulder configuration reminescent of (but not identical to) the UK warning signs.
Our latest expedition brought bad news. It looks like none of the good old designs made it into 2011. Our team came home with brandnew panels of British make.

The number of boulders (8, 12 or 13) puts Mauritius on the high end of our rock-statistics.

03.IV.2011; pict. A. Klaver

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