Men at Work in Canada

Montréal, Québec, VIII.2000;
pict. D. Young
British Columbia, 21.V.2006;
pict. R. Mason
Our man in the field wrote:
The Ministère des Transports de Quebec (find the URL on the link-page) designs all their standard traffic signs in-house and has its own set of standards and rules governing them.
The sample is very much inspired by the American signs. It's not a copy because of the small difference in the heap. They played it safe and didn't risk an improbable cut-out. There was room for improvement indeed.

The 2006 find comes from a stretch managed by the federal government. Their man was allowed to start digging and the cut-out is more natural than in the U.S. and Hawaii. It's probably a good idea for the U.S. to ask for the name of the designer.


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