Men at Work in the United States

New York, X.2001; pict. S. Visser Washington DC
Washington DC
Warning signs in the U.S. of A. are flat and uninspired. The only signs showing a bit of taste are the Falling Rock signs.

Our finds give reason to confusion. We learn from the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices that temporary traffic control signs (like the W21-1a at hand): are shown as yellow signs with black borders and legends.. There is also a table named Common Uses of Sign Colors where instead of Yellow the colour Orange is ticked for this type of sign. The same document says that The colors coral, purple, and light blue are being reserved for uses that will be determined in the future by the Federal Highway Administration.
The only find coming anywhere near yellow is the sign from New-York where a yellow background is shimmering through a new layer of (is it coral?) paint.
Yes, it is probably a good idea to dispense a set of decent colour swatches.

The shape of the heap is highly improbable. I could believe this behaviour for a pudding but surely not for loose particles like sand, not even wet sand. You'll find the same and more bad design in Hawaii.
The U.S.A. should try to look (only take with the eyes) a bit more to other countries. In Canada we've found essentially the same sign but where the shape of the heap was improved. The cut-out (if present) is much more naturally looking.
Finds from Hawaii

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