Children's crossing on Faeroe Islands

Vàgar, V.2003; pict. J. Koelstra Kollafjordur (Streymoy Isl.),
VII.2006; pict. J. Koelstra
Exact duplicates of the children's signs in Denmark. Was it a free choice, or were they forced by the mother country, it doesn't matter because it's one of the best signs on the market: nicely clad children, well behaving and drawn by an expert.   No remote part of Europe is remote enough not to be hit by bad design. The sweet children from past times are replaced by characterless nobodies with heads far too big. One tiny positive point: the heads are mounted on a neck, a feature usually not present on iconized roadsigns.

More things happened during the conversion:

  • All gender signals were dropped.
  • The bookbags are now both at the outside.
  • The tallest person is now leading the party. This swap of persons during the modernization step happens in all but very few countries. (see South-Africa)


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