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Children's Crossing Signs on Tristan da Cunha

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, 17.III.2006

at the school on 17.III.2006
same spot on 12.IV.2018
Roadsigns on Tristan are sparsely sawn. There aren't many people and unlike the Saints they don't import cars as a hobby. There isn't in fact much need for roadside decoration. But we walked every single street and with result.

Other British dependencies (e.g. Falklands, Saint Helena) ad­here to the UK-standard with the sturdy girl dragging her brother. Not so on Tristan. We have reached a spot probably out of reach of the Queen's Regulations.

The wording on the old sign is a bit unfortunate: a mix of com­mand and reason which titillates our mind. It reminds me of the Slow Children from the United States.

We were full of anticipation for our second visit in 2018, but that only brought disappointment. Even on this remote island, the old trustworthy signs are uprooted and replaced by new signs which are brought in from abroad (here South-Africa).

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