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Men at Work signs in Tristan da Cunha

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, 17.III.2006
We didn't spot any regular Men-at-Work signs but on the road leading to the potato fields we've found this gauntlet. The message is clear: work is carried out. Foreign manufacture would only be a waste of precious cargo space on one of the few ships calling each year.

Our watchguard counters that, in his opinion, this is a stop-sign. He's usually right, but not now. I think that this is a Men-at-Work warning sign because:

  1. it is rather foolish to let people halt below the top of a hill on a narrow road
  2. it is not a bus-stop because Tristan has a regular bus stop sign
  3. that stretch of the road needed some maintenance
  4. a working gauntlet was used.

We should have asked to make sure, but the whole male population was out fishing - It was a quiet and sunny day - and I've learned that you should never ask this kind of information from women (Monsieur Jean won't like this.)

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