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Children's crossing in Thailand

Northern Thailand, I.2004; all pict. B. Hoeyberghs
Diamond shape, yellow background and black people: Thailand is leaning towards the roadsign design of Central- and South-America. More precisely, we've seen almost the same drawing in Guatemala. (Take a quick look at Peru, Mexico and Guyana and try to spot the differences.)

Did you notice that children in Thailand (& Guatemala) are kept well between the lines? Signs in the American group normally lack them. I suppose that artists quietly drop the lines to hide that they are having difficulties with transparency. We have a rare find from Indonesia with correctly applied transparency: the lines are visible between the legs.

  Road signs often give us insight in the minds of the nation. Regular visitors to this pages know that and if you are one you are probably most concerned about this collection from Thailand.
Take the first sign. The woman is smaller than the man, but not too much. Men in general are taller than women and the drawing only mirrors a real-world fact. Now take a look at all the other samples: the woman gradually shrinks and receives more girlish body proportions. It doesn't happen to the man. To the contrary, he's still growing taller.
Women in Thailand must fight a strong undercurrent against them, I think.
Some extra candy:
  • First picture: the space below the arms got no yellow paint.
  • Second picture: the girl wears head-phones (Couldn't be ear-warmers, could they?)
  • Several pictures: look at the neck. In most countries the neck is not drawn. Occasionally there is a neck between the head and the body (We could do without the last few words, I agree). Our samples here show an intermediate version: only the base of a neck is drawn.

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