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Children's crossing in Chile

Atacama, 1993 Puerto Natales, VIII.1996
These children have to endure the very same educational methods which we commented in Costa Rica. The system clearly is winning popularity. The same design (the same posture, the exagerated brains) is now found in South-America all over. Take a closer look at the right person's suitcase. Did you notice? It's not a bookbag. This man is carrying a plank — It's maybe even the school's blackboard? And he must be very strong, because he needs only one arm to manage the thing.
Atacama, Sierra Gorda, 1993 San Pedro de Atacama, I.2009; pict. S. Coenen
A refreshing scene in comparison with the static of the other panels. It's interesting to take a look at the drawing of a similar situation in Ontario - Canada. The boy there is chasing the dot. Our player here is much more at ease.

Our page about Australia gives a short overview of the allowed speed in other countries.

We had already Falling Rock Signs without a rock. And now we have a text-only Children's Crossing also. The text says Halt - Children.

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