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Falling Rock Signs found in Japan

pict. D. Young
Like the pedestrian signs, the Falling Rock signs in Japan show influences from different countries.

The shape of the panel is taken from the Americas. The colour choice and the presence of a borderline also. But take a closer look at the corners: they are only round at the inside. Corners in the U.S.A are rounded at both sides (more examples: Argentina, Chile).

The configuration of the boulders is copied from Pakistan : the same number of boulders, the top rock in a cavity in the wall and the same speed indicators. The shape of the boulders was adapted to make them look more natural.

Though it is difficult to believe that the rock on the ground rests in equilibrium.

Tsumago to Magome, 11.x.2023;
pict. J. Breine
My reaction at first was: Oh, a fancy Man at Work sign.

The text, however, warns Beware of falling rocks. This, together with the absence of any trace of work about to start, busy, or done at the site of the picture makes me classify this find with the falling stones.

The hard hat remains suspicious however.

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