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Falling Rock Signs found in Malaysia

Fraser's Hill, 25.iii.2007; pict. F. Tjollijn

Mt Kinabalu, 21.iii.2009; pict. F. Tjollijn
Poring Hot Springs, 21.iii.2009; pict. F. Tjollijn

Perak state, 15.iv.2014; pict. M. Tailly
Serian Sarawak, 6.iv.2014; pict. M. Tailly

We notice quite some variation in the drawing and number of falling objects. That is something in common with several other countries in the region — e.g. Laos, the Philippines — where our team also discovered Falling Rock Signs with a number of boulders at both ends of the scale. Why not check our statistics on falling rocks?
Unfortunately, our samples show a decline in the realism of the design. The modern cliff is hardly convincing and the boulders do not look like rock any more. They appear to be made of clay and then become flat polygons.

No need to raise the alarms yet, but still, we must keep an eye on them (the ministry of road signage, I mean).

Gomantong caves, 20.vii.2017; pict. Baeten & De Dier
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