Children's crossing in Estonia

Tallinn, IV.2001; pict. C. Verschuere Children are the same everywhere.
That's nowhere more true than in the old communist block. We have an identical sign from Moscow and similar ones from the far eastern regions. They form the Russian group of related signs.
Visit Armenia and learn how Iconization is threathening our children.
Children in Moscow are built with exactly the same badly fitting bodyparts.

Many of the men-at-work signs from Estonia also belong to the Russian group.

VII.2004; pict. H. De Meyer  
Our latest find gives reason to believe in a change for the better.
+ From a collector's viewpoint we notice the improved design. This is a move against the dominant current (not limited to road signs only) towards iconization and fragmentation where things are reduced to parts to such a degree that we often are losing touch with the system as a whole.
The erosion of the Russian design group means also that more signs could leave the main stream. Always good news for collectors.

+ Our second observation is made with society in mind. Look carefully at both, old and new, scenes. The old drawing is full of agression. The smaller person raises one of his (can't be a girl.) arms ready to hit someone on the head, or to throw stones. The other arm is held upright in front, obviously to counter the blows back.
On the new panel this agression is gone. We are witnessing a society growing more peaceful. Road signs more than once are telling us about dark spots in society : e.g. Nepal or Indonesia.

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