Children's crossing in Belarus

All the most frequent Children's Crossing Signs from the former Soviet block show a clear relationship. I call them the Russian Group.

Things in common on this class of roadsigns:

  • the children are running
  • the bigger person tails the smaller
  • the bodyparts are not glued together
  • the body is made with four building blocks: a head, an arm, a leg and a main block containing the torso and the remaining limbs.

Minsk, IV.2008; pict. C. Veillon

The Russian Group of Children's Crossings

Russia Armenia Kyrgyzstan Estonia Mediterranean Group 
Azerbaijan Lithuania Uzbekistan Ukraine UK Group 
Belarus most probably noticed that match-stick roadsigns do not bring any improvement to trafic safety (see also Iconization is threathening our children.) and therefore ordered a new sticky sweet design. The drawing is targeted towards kindergarten. It fits with the current habit of suffocating the message with fluff and taking adults for five year olds (sometimes appropriate though). Real street pollution. Find other examples in New Caledonia and Madeira).

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