Children's crossing in New Caledonia

Noumea, V.2006; pict. G. Taran Noumea, V.2006; pict. G. Taran
New Caledonia is a French Overseas Territory and although independency is the local's dream, the French government doesn't think they are up to it, which is probably true, at least for the economy.

It's clear from our samples that the subventions from France include the roadsigns. The older type is embossed en drawn exactly like the older ones in France (e.g. the find of Adour) where the boy keeps the little girl away from the traffic.
The newer panels are identical to the French modern version: flat people with an improbable neck and the children did swop positions (this is normal procedure in the modernization process).

I do hope that the Kanakas when they eventually hold their referendum (sometime after 2014) also will vote for local design in roadsigns. Chances are, of course, that they'll go for the Marie Havet design. It's a clear example of the current trend for woolly communication. This type of roadsign works well during a press conference with Monsieur le Maire and the gathered neighborhood but not in modern traffic. There is no unequivocal message and the type face is not adapted to fast reading. (Read more about this in Armenia.)

Noumea, V.2006; pict. G. Taran

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