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Children's crossing signs in Uganda

Jinja, 06.IX.2011; pict. M. Tailly Kibale, 27.VIII.2011; pict. M. Tailly Kampala, 22.VIII.2011; pict. M. Tailly
Hoima, 26.VIII.2011; pict. M. Tailly

The roadsign from Jinja is most interesting because it shows a primitive feature: the warning triangle of age. Almost none survived in the wild, but we have seen a single specimen also in Trinidad & Tobago and in India.

The drawing is just like in all countries having met the United Kingdom somewhere during their history. It's the girl dragging her younger brother.

Good point is that several variations can be found.

  • Kibale: the modern ugly design with roughly cut shapes and a loose head, also found in South Africa
  • Kampala: Offspring with a more compact build and the head retracted. Probably very wise in these parts of the world.
  • Hoima: the original drawing from Great Britain with children having a neck.

Fort Portal, 26.VIII.2011; pict. M. Tailly

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