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Children's crossing in India

Kumily (Kerala - 1998);
pict. De Knijf & Demolder
Hospet (Karnataka - 1998);
pict. De Knijf & Demolder
Cochin, 12.IV.2010; pict. M. Tailly
Both boys and girls are always in a terrible hurry. We know of other countries where children are eager to be at school but rarely in this degree. One is tempted to ask for whom are the speed brakers?

I wonder if they wake-up too late, or if they must help too much in the house-hold before leaving for school. Or could they simply love the teachers so much?

Mudumalai Nat. Parc (1998);
pict. De Knijf & Demolder
The shape of the sign is freely choosen.
It may be round, triangular (like in Europe, e.g. Belgium) or rectangular (like in the New World, e.g. Belize) it doesn't matter.

The children are alone.
This is rather peculiar because children on their own tend to play (e.g. Canada) instead of run to school (e.g. Argentina).

Choklamsar (Leh->Manali), 1999;
pict. J. Packet
Choklamsar (Leh->Manali), 1999;
pict. J. Packet
Nurla (Leh->Srinagar), 1999;
pict. J. Packet
The rectangular specimens often carry a warning triangle on top. This is a primitive characteristic from past times when the open triangle meant danger. The kind of hazard was then specified on the rectangle mounted below the triangle. We have similar survivors from Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Zanzibar and a really nice one from Great Britain.
Radjastan, XI.1999; pict. H. De Meyer Radjastan, XI.1999; pict. H. De Meyer Mongooli (Uttar P.) 30.XII.2004
This girl has a much more adult build than the one higher-up. She's walking, which makes this probably the only Indian roadsign where the person is not in a hurry.
The boy on this sign is bare footed. At first sight one would think that this is the common running boy. But then the bookbag is much bigger than usual. And look at the head. This is more like a man with a moustache —a one handed police officer chasing some misfit?
Radjastan, XI.1999; pict. H. De Meyer
He is in a hurry like most people on this page.
But the sign stands out because of the detail in the drawing —The boy wears a shirt with short sleeves.— and the satchel on his back.
The other runners carry a purse or a book-bag and their movements are less elegant. This boy runs with ease.

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