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Children's Crossing Signs in Bhutan

Thimpu, 25.x.2012; pict. A. Klaver

Thimpu, 25.x.2012; pict. A. Klaver
Wangdue, 27.x.2012; pict. A. Klaver
Punakha, 27.x.2012; pict. A. Klaver

Buthan allegedly tried to protect itself from the influences of foreign cultures, but, looking at the images, I have some difficulty in believing it. Apart from the first — marvelous local breed — specimen all Children's Crossing Signs are sourced from, or strongly influenced by foreign countries.
First we have the dominant girl from Great Britain. Then the modern Mediterranean Children which is becoming the most widespread design ever. We've seen it from Cabo Verde over Iran to the Philippines. The boys, full of energy and really nice, must originate from India.

to Samdrup, 6.xi.2012; pict. A. Klaver
Paro, 24.x.2012; pict. A. Klaver
Phobjikha, 28.x.2012; pict. A. Klaver
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