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Falling Rock Signs from Cape Verde

Santiago, 02.IV.2006


Santo Antão, 18.IV.2016;
pict. Maes & De Bie

São Vicente, 15.IV.2016;
pict. Maes & De Bie
The sign from Santiago stems from Portugal where it was reported from Portagem. The drawing is very close to signs found at several places in Spain and the Baleares. Probably only experienced road sign scientists will easily spot that the the top stones are much wider apart in the Spanish version.
The same design, give or take some slight differences in the shape of the stones, can be found on other islands of the group. In São Vicente however, our team stumbled upon a different make. The two stones in the center are rotated 180 degrees (it's not just a swap of positions; they are upside down also). It looks like it's an endemic!
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