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Men at Work in Australia

Elliot - Renner Springs (NT), 16.VII.2001 Darwin (NT), 05.VII.2001 Kangaroo Isl., 17.XII.2006; pict. T. Dixon
Unlike many other countries Australia uses a different sign as a warning for roadworks (machinery on the road) and the actual presence of men on the road.

The drawing of the man comes close to (the blade of the spade is visible) the South-African version of the UK-sign (blade burried in the heap).

  Motorists in Australia drive at the left-hand side of the road. The warning signs at both sites were placed at the left side of the road. The result is that our men are digging with their face to the traffic. So what, you are probably thinking.

This is highly unusual. Doesn't our team-bible say: Men at work always turn their back to the traffic? See Great Britain, Cape verde, Japan and many others.

Well done, it's much safer this way. Other countries should follow this example.

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