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Children's Crossing Signs found in Norway

Tonsvik, 09.i.2014; pict. B. Hoeyberghs

(1) Tonsvik, 09.i.2014;
pict. B. Hoeyberghs

Though the sign warns for children playing, the children shown are probably only doing mind games. The image shows no trace of any movement that could bring them between the traffic. Unless of course they are playing Freeze Tag on the road and we are looking at two frozen participants.
(2) Trondheim, 25.iv.2009;
pict. S. Vanacker

This nicely drawn sign, a bit static but with much attention to detail, can also be found in Svalbard.
(3) Trondheimsfjorden, v.2000;
pict. C. Verscheure

Light footed children with the girl taking the lead. Girls controlling the boy are typical for the UK-group of signs (see Iceland).

While there is a clear influence from signage in Great Britain, we still haven't any identical signs reported, contrary to Sweden and Finland.

(4) Kvanne, 20.vii.2008;
pict. C. Omvlee
(5) Trondheim, 22.vii.2008;
pict. C. Omvlee
(6) Trondheimsfjorden, v.2000;
pict. C. Verscheure

We have several warning signs where the figures are playing with a ball. The first two (4, 5) are really nice with much detail in the drawing. The next two samples (8, 9) show the ugly inconized style of modern road signs: the connection with the real world is almost entirely gone. Which is dangerous because the driver no longer feels connected to the possible victims and is less inclined to slow down.

Sample (6) gives a very bad example. My parents told me not to plant my hands in my pockets. But that said: a nice sign with a lovely Mickey Mouse girl.

(7) Bergen, 11.i.2019;
pict. J. Breine
(8) Moere county, 21.vii.2008;
pict. C. Omvlee
(9) Rindal, 21.vii.2008;
pict. C. Omvlee

(10) Finnvik, 24.viii.2022;
pict. J. Breine
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