Children's crossing in Kenia

  Not many words needed for this one : the sign belongs to the wide-spread UK-sign family. If you are a newbie you'll probably want to do some reading about this group of road-signs in Iceland, Egypt or Great Britain.

Our find from Isiolo is probably the precursor of the modern UK design. We're looking at a brave girl guiding her younger brother. The detail in the drawing is typical for older road signs and such that his choice of clothing is clearly visible: shirt and shorts. It's still a mystery why children on modern roadsigns (are asked to) drop their clothing. It's even more of a mystery that no parent seems worried by this behaviour — see also Canada.

Nanyuki, VII.2002; pict. Baeten & De Dier
Isiolo, XII.2007; pict. A. Klaver

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