Men at Work in Fiji

Suva, III.2005; pict. G. Taran Hideway resort, III.2005; pict. G. Taran
Very few countries resort to a text-only warning sign for road works. Of those countries some follow a more people oriented strategy than others. They give a textual equivalent of the common man at work drawing. Fiji belongs to this group of countries. Oman also. There is a small difference though. Fiji warns for Work men ahead, while Oman says Men at work. Which isn't exactly the same.

Some countries often place textual and pictorial warnings together. Australia and South-Africa f.e. are warning for Road work(s) ahead but do not mention the people behind the works. Zimbabwe however is telling us about the Road Workmen ahead.

    The sign from the Hideaway resort isn't exactly an official road sign, but I do mention it here because it is a hair-raising find. It is the first occurrence of a sign of the mediterranean group far from its native habitat at the other side of the world. Visitors to the resort should be advised to crush it before it spreads.

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