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Falling Rock Signs found in Namibia

Omatako Mountains, 05.v.2007; pict. De Knijf & Demolder

When we were traveling in Namibia we stayed at many places. There were days when I found it a confusing experience. Certainly when our schedule required an early morning rise.

Waking up with the call of a cuckoo clock and then, with still sleepy eyes trying to get the snowy Alps in focus, I often felt derailed. It was most disturbing. Only when my mind cleared up - Oh yes, Frühstuck, must not forget to ask for an egg sunny side up. — did I really knew where I was. And that it was not the Alps.

It was therefore quite a surprise to me that the Falling Rock Signs are not inspired by the German kind with the huge boulders.

Falling Rock Signs in Namibia are inspired (perhaps even made) by South-Africa. There are some small differences in the size and shape of the stones, but that is probably only because of the huge variation in South-African signs.

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