Nederlands Men at Work in Czechia
Karlstejn, 1997; pict. F. Van Espen
Nothing exceptional.
Some peculiarities though:
Pelhrimov, VI.2002; pict. H. De Meyer
Our samples give reason to believe that the skills of the artist are never tested, or at least aren't considered very important. There is always something wrong with the drawing : the cap, the foot, the back, the shovel.

Although it's not easy yet to see in which direction this evolves, the man with severed arms indicates it's surely down.

Jihlava, VI.2002; pict. H. De Meyer

Pelhrimov, VI.2002; pict. H. De Meyer
Prague, IX.2002; pict. A. Anselin

Nachod, X.2000; pict. J. Leibbrand
Prague, VI.2002; pict. A. Guët
Post Scriptum:

One of our people was able to dig up a related danger-sign in a shop in Karlstejn.
That's how our research-group excels: focused with a keen eye and an open mind.
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