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Acín, Ramón (Coord.) - 1985 - La cuenca del Ara - Aula Itinerante / Ruta práctica
Colectivo Pirineos
(Departamento de Cultura y Educación Diputación general de Aragón)
ISBN: 84-505-2004-5

Acín Fanlo, José Luis - 1998 - El Batán de Lacort
Prames, S.A., 50007 Zaragoza
Diputación general de Aragón (Departamento de Cultura y Educación; Departamento de Ordenación Territorial, Obras Públicas y Transportes)
ISBN: 84-8321-029-0

Barboff, M.; Griffin, C.; Kremer, R. & Sigaut, F. (Ed.) - 2003 - Meules à grains
Actes du colloque international La Ferté-sous-Jouarre 16-22 mai 2002

Ibis Press, Paris - ISBN: 2-910728-35-8
Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris - ISBN: 2-7351-0996-8

Proceedings of the international colloquium in 2002. Most interesting with summaries in English and German. 470pp.

Baringo Jordán, Ernesto - 2018 - Molino hidráulicos: los antiguos molinos del Río Sosa
Monzón; Cuadernos del CEHIMO N°44; pp. 249-293; ISSN: 1133-3790

Baselga Abril, Carlos - 1999 - La Solana - Vida cotidiana en un valle altoaragonés
ISBN 84-605-8764-9

Bauters, Paul - 1998, 2000 - van zAdelsteen tot Zetelkruier - 2000 jaar molens in Vlaanderen.
Volume I (1998): Geschiedenis (288pp.)
Volume II (2000): Bouw en werking van de molens met natuurlijke drijfkracht (367pp.)
Ed. Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen - Gent - Belgium

Splendid work about the history, construction, significance of water- and wind-mills in Flanders. Bauters explains how many mill-historians are ignorant about the evolution in Flanders because they can't understand Dutch. But - surprise! - the book is written in Dutch without any summary in any other language.

Belmont, Alain - 2006 - La Pierre à pain
Les carrières de meules de moulins en France du Moyen Âge à la révolution industrielle.
Two volumes
Presses universitaires de Grenoble -
ISBN: 2-7061-1305-7

Blázquez Herrero, Carlos & Pallaruelo Campo, Severino - 1999 - Maestros del agua
Diputación general de Aragón (Departamento de Educación y Cultura)
ISBN: 84-7753-780-1

Blázquez, Carlos & Tomás Sancho - 1999 - Obras Hidráulicas en Aragón
Caja de Ahorros de la Inmaculada de Aragón
ISBN: 84-95306-17-4

Breto Asensio, Sergio - 2000 - Recorridos por la Historia de las Energías Renovables en Aragón
17 itinerarios para descubrir en bici, a pie o en coche.
Gobierno de Aragón
Departamento de Industria, Comercio y Desarrollo
Dirección General de Energía y Minas
ISBN: 84-7753-835-2

Bruggeman, Jean (Coord.) - 1996 - Travailler au moulin / Werken met molens
ARAM Nord/Pas-de-Calais and Werkgroep West-Vlaamse Molens v.z.w.
ISBN: 2-9501-6552-4

Excellent explanation of the working of a mill with numerous drawings and photographs.

Damián Peñart y Peñart - 1996 - Lecina, un pueblo con historia y encanto
Huesca ISBN: 48-921756-0-5

Elías, Luis Vicente, coord. - 1989 - Los Molinos: cultura y tecnología
Madrid: Instituto de Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales
ISBN: 84-404-4553-9

Ghosh Abhik, Banerjee B.G., Vasishat R.N. & Sinha A.K. - 2008 -
Reinventing the watermill in the Himalayas:
the Gharat in history, tradition and modern development.
Northern Book Centre, New Delhi
ISBN: 81-7211-248-3

Lasaosa Susín, Ramon y Miguel Ortega Martínez - 2003 - Miradas desde Tella
Ayuntamiento Tella-Sín, E-22336 Lafortunada (Huesca)
ISBN: 84-88518-61-7

Meynard, Véronique - 1993 - Sierra de Guara, El Monte des Oliviers
Pyrénées-Magazine N° 30, XI-XII.1993, p 60-69
Ed. Milan Presse - Toulouse, France

Article (in French) about olives: harvest and production of oil.

Moog, Berthold - 1994 - The horizontal watermill - History and Technique of the First Prime Mover
Bibliotheca Molinologica, volume 12, ISSN 1021-5581
Sprang Capelle: The International Molinological Society

Pallaruelo Campo, Severino - 1994 - Los Molinos del Altoaragón
Instituto de Estudios Altoaragoneses (Diputación de Huesca)
ISBN: 84-8127-013-X

Renau, Luis et al. - 2021 - En busca de La Ferté.
Un viaje por el patrimonio industrial y minero abandonado de Teruel.
Recartografías — ISBN: 978-84-09-29442-8

Analysis of the abandoned industrial and mining heritage in the province of Teruel. In this work, 384 heritage elements are analyzed throughout the province and their history, functionalities and state of conservation are reconstructed. The work is accompanied by more than 300 photographs and numerous maps, sketches, tables and diagrams. In Spanish.

Wilmes, Rudolf - 1996 - El Valle de Vió estudio etnográfico-lingüístico de un valle altoargonés
Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo - Prames S.A., Zaragoza
ISBN: 84-87601-64-2

Translation (ed. J. L. Acín Fanlo) of the German study carried out in the 1930's.
Covers, among many interesting topics, the mills of Sercué, Lacort and Boltaña.

Web sites about mills

Patrimonio industrial harinero: blog
Blog about (industrial) flour mills world-wide, but mainly Spain and Spanish speaking regions; news about conservation efforts; industrial archaeology. In Spanish. Seems to be asleep since 2021.

Asociación para la Conservación y Estudio de los Molinos
Society for the study of anything related to mills. An on-line database is in preparation since a long time. In Spanish.

The International Molinological Society (TIMS)
TIMS (founded in 1973) is a Society which fosters worldwide interest and understanding of wind, water and animal-driven mills. The Society encourages research, and promotes all aspects of molinology including the restoration of mills. It works closely with national mill societies and organizations and also campaigns at regional and government level to encourage the preservation of important historical mills and mill-sites.
The TIMS site carries also an exhaustive list of mill related web sites.

Fédération des Moulins de France (FDMF)
FDMF is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 and based in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre. Principal objectives are the study, safeguarding, restoration, and regeneration of windmills, watermills, wind pumps, mills driven by muscle power (human or animal) and all the structures, machines and equipment associated with their functioning. — Huge site with plenty of information, mainly in French but some items also in English.

The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM)
SPOOM (a non-profit organization since 1972) is an international organization dedicated to promote interest in old mills and other Americana now quickly passing from the present scene. It acts as a clearing house on milling information among all those interested.

The Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page
America's Leading Authority on the Restoration, Operation, Interpretation and Preservation of Historical Grist and Flour Mills.
A treasure bag with articles about history, tools, stones, preservation, you name it (even rodent control).

The Mills Archive Trust
The Mills Archive focuses on traditional mills and milling and the uses of natural power. We will seek and acquire relevant historical and contemporary material and small artefacts. We are particularly interested in records relating to UK mills, millers and millwrights, as well as additions to our extensive collection of European and N American material.
This charity registered in the UK aims to care for and preserve significant collections on milling and natural power; provide images to users; offer advice to collectors, promoting future deposits; build close links with existing mill archives to share information & resources.

European millstone quarries : a data base
Implemented by the french National Centre for Scientific Researches (CNRS) and specially by the Rhone-Alps Historical Research Laboratory (LARHRA, UMR 5190), this site inventories European quarries and documentation dealing with it. The database is freely consultable on line and new data can be supplied by anyone knowing a new quarry.

Portal sites towards sites about mills (The Netherlands) and (Belgium)
Listing many sites about mills (Europe, but mainly the mentioned countries) or things related with mills (magazines, millers, companies building mills, language, etc.).
In Dutch. Doesn't seem much alive.

Web sites about Aragón

Sistema de Información del Patrimonio Cultural Aragonés
On-line database about, among other things, the architectural heritage of Aragón: buildings, constructions and engineering works. Entirely in Spanish. Search for molino.

A collection of digital magazines about cultural and industrial patrimony
Cuadernos de Cazarabet: revista de museología e iniciativas de la sociedad civil aragonesa en torno al patrimonio cultural
Alarifes: Patrimonio industrial
la defensa: revista aragonesa para la defensa ambiental del territorio

Articles published in el Gurrión (Labuerda, I.S.S.N.: 1130-4960)

Piedras de moler nacidas en Francia y olvidadas en el Alto Aragón.
el Gurrión ix.2009, N° 117, p20-26 — Download PDF

Series A la búsqueda de Molinos
Introduction — el Gurrión ix.2011, N° 125, p6-14 — Download PDF
La conciencia — el Gurrión ii.2012, N° 126, p45 — Download PDF
Una visita a Mipanas — el Gurrión v.2012, N° 127, p21-27 — Download PDF
Tomamos la comida — el Gurrión viii.2012, N° 128, p35-38 — Download PDF
La Flor de Lanata — el Gurrión xi.2012, N° 129, p33-38 — Download PDF
Han venido los Reyes — el Gurrión ii.2013, N° 130, p40-43 — Download PDF
Antonia 38 + 45: 83kg — el Gurrión v.2013, N° 131, p30-35 — Download PDF
Muelas, batidoras, prensas hidráulicas — el Gurrión viii.2013, N° 132, p36-40 — Download PDF
El molino Pucharcos de Castigaleu — el Gurrión xi.2013, N° 133, p14-19 — Download PDF
Dos cubos interesantes — el Gurrión ii.2014, N° 134, p9-10 — Download PDF
Solanilla y Solanilla — el Gurrión v.2014, N° 135, p7-11 — Download PDF
«La Dolores» de Caldearenas — el Gurrión viii.2014, N° 136, p7-9 — Download PDF
Dos molinos en el valle del Río Sarrón — el Gurrión xi.2014, N° 137, p7-12 — Download PDF
Molino de Buetas — el Gurrión ii.2015, N° 138, p7-10 — Download PDF
¿La historia se repite … o no? — el Gurrión v.2015, N° 139, p18-19 — Download PDF
Un molino en Aguinalíu — el Gurrión viii.2015, N° 140, p13-15 — Download PDF
Escondido en el barranco del Río Vero — el Gurrión xi.2015, N° 141, p13-16 — Download PDF
Entre Litera y Chiriveta — el Gurrión ii.2016, N° 142, p11-13 — Download PDF
Canteras de piedras de moler — el Gurrión v.2016, N° 143, p20-23 — Download PDF
Un molino en Banastón — el Gurrión viii.2016, N° 144, p19-23 — Download PDF
¿Qué tal el molino de …? — el Gurrión xi.2016, N° 145, p24-28 — Download PDF
Obras hidráulicas particulares — el Gurrión I.2017, N° 146, p20-24 — Download PDF
Bien escondido — el Gurrión v.2017, N° 147, p26-29 — Download PDF
Un molino en Letosa — el Gurrión viii.2017, N° 148, p26-29 — Download PDF
Un molino en Broto — el Gurrión xi.2017, N° 149, p26-30 — Download PDF
Una visita al molino de Puyarruego — el Gurrión ii.2018, N° 150, p30-34 — Download PDF
La central eléctrica de Puyarruego — el Gurrión v.2018, N° 151, p29-34 — Download PDF
Un molino en Ribera de Castanesa — el Gurrión viii.2018, N° 152, p38-41 — Download PDF
La nueva central eléctrica de Broto — el Gurrión xi.2018, N° 153, p35-38 — Download PDF
Un molino en Sieste — el Gurrión ii.2019, N° 154, p48-52 — Download PDF
Un molino en Castillazuelo — el Gurrión v.2019, N° 155, p47-51 — Download PDF
Un molino en Aso de Sobremonte — el Gurrión viii.2019, N° 156, p48-51 — Download PDF
Un molino en Jánovas — el Gurrión xi.2019, N° 157, p48-52 — Download PDF
Un molino en Ceresuela (Valle de Vió) — el Gurrión ii.2020, N° 158, p47-49 — Download PDF
Banastás y Buerba — el Gurrión v.2020, N° 159, p47-50 — Download PDF
Un molino en Agüero — el Gurrión viii.2020, N° 160, p42-45 — Download PDF
Un molino en Espés — el Gurrión xi.2020, N° 161, p44-48 — Download PDF
Un molino en Ribera de Vall — el Gurrión ii.2021, N° 162, p45-48 — Download PDF
Un molino en Lacort — el Gurrión v.2021, N° 163, p46-49 — Download PDF
Un molino en Lapenilla — el Gurrión viii.2021, N° 164, p49-52 — Download PDF
Casi completamente desaparecidos — el Gurrión xi.2021, N° 165, p57-60 — Download PDF
Un molino en Berdún — el Gurrión ii.2022, N° 166, p47-51 — Download PDF
Un molino en Olsón — el Gurrión v.2022, N° 167, p49-53 — Download PDF
Volver a Olsón — el Gurrión viii.2022, N° 168, p11-13 — Download PDF
Juseu y Aguinalíu — el Gurrión xi.2022, N° 169, p9-11 — Download PDF
Central eléctrica de Aineto — el Gurrión ii.2023, N° 170, p11-13 — Download PDF
Matidero y Secorún — el Gurrión v.2023, N° 171, p11-14 — Download PDF
A Gabasa y el río Sosa — el Gurrión viii.2023, N° 172, p46-49 — Download PDF
El alimentador silencioso — el Gurrión xi.2023, N° 173, p21-26 — Download PDF

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